Terms and Conditions

About the Be Active 6-Week Challenge

The Be Active 6 Week Challenge starts 15th February 2021.

Transform and be fitter, healthier and happier to kickstart 2021. The Be Active 6 Week Challenge gives you access to your choice of small group or one to one Personal Training sessions and the tools to support your performance and achieve your goals.

Plus, the all Be Active 6 Week Challenge gives you access to the Home Fitness Network and a nutritional portal designed by the Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation Team. Your access will help you start your healthy eating plan, with a range of healthy recipes, designed to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals including guilt free desserts! 

The Be Active 6 Week Challenge trainers will work with you to define your goals and help reach them. Create a new routine, new habits and maintain them both.

With unlimited motivation, coaching and support, be active and kickstart your transformation today! 


  • This offer is only available at selected and participating Belgravia Leisure managed community gyms which are displayed above by state in the drop-down menus above.
  • Offer is not available to existing members of participating clubs.
  • Maximum of One ‘Vote You’ offer per person per 12-month period.
  • Must be 18 years old or over.
  • Can’t be redeemed for cash.
  • This is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • An administration fee of $10 will be charged in June for the initiation of the direct debit service.
  • No lock-in contracts. Membership can be cancelled with gym by giving 28 days notice.
  • First direct debit payment will be charged in June 2019.

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The Be Active 6-Week Challenge registration period commences on Monday 18 January 2021. Entries close Sunday 21 February 2021; entries after the start date of the challenge will not be entitled to any time and value in lieu for starting late. Entries will not be accepted after Sunday 21 February 2021. The Be Active 6-Week Challenge starts on Monday 15 February 2021 and concludes on Sunday 28 March 2021.

To enter the challenge, a non-refundable registration fee of $49 or $99 (RRP inc gst) is payable directly to the facility running the Be Active 6-Week Challenge. This fee is dependent on the model of Myzone heart rate belt chosen. Participants will participate (at cost) in one of two weekly assisted training options during the duration of the challenge: 1x 1:1 Personal Training Session per week or 2 x small group personal training sessions per week (at selected facilities with a direct debit cost of $49.95 per week for a minimum of 6 weeks). 

Registration fees include access to a Be Active 6-Week Challenge app and nutrition portal, a Myzone MZ heart rate belt (MZ-1 or MZ-3) and 6 weeks access to the Home Fitness Network and Michelle Bridges 12WBT Nutritional Portal. 

Participants must be a member of their local centre (local club membership) for the duration of the challenge. Local club membership includes full access to the health club and group fitness classes during opening hours. 

Minimum cost for a facility membership and weekly 1:1 personal training for the duration of the challenge is approximately $349 (depending on location this amount may vary. Check with your local facility for further detailsBased on MZ-1 selection). Minimum cost for completing the challenge through the Small Group Personal Training program is $348.70 (based on MZ-1 selection). 


All participants are to meet the minimum criteria of the Be Active 6-Week Challenge to be eligible to claim a prize:

  • complete at least 3 workouts per week (minimum of 18 sessions)
  • attend at least 1x 1:1PT session or 2x SGT session per week.
  • attend scheduled bookings for before and after photos and measurements and upload to the BE ACTIVE 6WC portal via the app » before – week beginning Monday 15 February 2021 » after – week beginning Monday 29 March 2021  
  • complete post challenge outcomes survey  
  • submit a 250-word written essay or video submission post challenge (describing their reason for joining BE ACTIVE 6WC, their fitness journey and the impact it has had on their lives)
  • consent to Belgravia Leisure contacting their local media about their involvement in BE ACTIVE 6WC to share their fitness story, in the event they are a club winner  
  • by registering to the Be Active 6 week challenge, you are agreeing to the challenge’s terms and conditions. If you are unable to attend the first photo and measurements date, a subsequent date will be rescheduled at the convenience of the facility's Health Club Coordinator to ensure your photos and measurements are recorded for appropriate tracking.  

The Be Active 6-Week Challenge consists of the following prizes: 

  1. Club Prize
    • Individual Centre Challenge Winner
      Six-month local club membership for each of the male and female club winners (2 membership prizes in total per club) 
    • Team Challenge Winners 

      One-month local club membership per participant OR club nominated prizes I.e. partnership with local REBEL Sport with each participant winning a $50 gift card 

  2. National Prizes - Winners
    $1500 awarded for each of the national male and female winners ($3,000 in total)


Club and National winners will be judged on the following criteria to determine the best transformations at the conclusion of the 6 weeks: 

Post challenge 250-word written essay or video submission (25% of overall rating) 
At the conclusion of the challenge, each participant submits a 250-word written essay or video submission outlining the benefits they have received from completing the challenge in relation to their original goals, including how it has changed their life. 

Before and after photos (20% of overall rating)
Physical changes that have occurred visually. All photos must be taken as per the criteria provided to each facility.

Attendance (15% of overall rating)
Each competitor must complete at 3 workouts each week (minimum of 18 sessions over the 6 week period) and must include at least:

  • One (1) Personal Training session OR
  • Two (2) Small Group PT sessions 

The remainder workouts can be a solo gym workout based on their personalised program or group fitness class.

The competitor's Personal Trainer must witness each workout activity in their passport with a signature, session type and date on the passport (Gym/Group Fitness workouts outside of PT or Small Group Training can be recorded. Any instructors on shift can sign their passport.) The competitor cannot record two sessions in one day. The competitor must hand in the completed passport to reception by Monday 29 March 2021

Myzone MEPS (15% of overall rating) 

At the conclusion of the challenge, each participants Myzone Effort Points (MEPS) will contribute to the overall team average and to individual participant ranking.  

Before and after measurements (25% of overall rating) 
Measurements must be completed at the beginning and completion of the challenge by a facility staff member. 

It is required that all policies, procedures and judging criteria are followed to maintain the highest level of success for members and fairness in judging. Rules and regulations of the judging criteria must be followed or there may be a reason for disqualification from judging. Rule interpretations and all judging decisions are final. Accepting the terms and conditions upon registration in the Be Active 6-Week Challenge constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this contract including its rules, regulations, policies and registration. 

 Belgravia Leisure Support Office and your local facility reserves the right to interpret the judging criteria and their application as it sees fit. The rules and regulations must be followed or the participant may be disqualified from the competition. 

 Staff may participate in the challenge but are not eligible to win any of the member prizes. 

Participants must not use banned supplements or products or performance enhancing drugs unless prescribed by a physician for a medical condition. The use of any illegal performance enhancing substances is strictly prohibited. All finalists who qualify for the national prize may be, on request required to submit a urine sample for testing. Failure to comply with this request or failure of a test will result in immediate disqualification. Participants must be at least 16 years of age. Every participant must complete medical history on a Client Form for the challenge, and if required, obtain medical clearance from your general practitioner prior to and during the challenge.  

 All information and materials submitted by entrants into the Be Active 6-Week Challenge become the sole and exclusive property of Belgravia Leisure and your local facility. The individuals featured in promotional material throughout marketing material achieved extraordinary results. Their photos represent examples of what can be achieved through a systematic application of exercise, nutrition and goal setting. 


As with any physical activity, it is important that before beginning any fitness regime you consult with your health care professional to ensure that you are mindful of your current health and any restrictions that are appropriate for you. You should immediately seek medical attention if there are any unanticipated changes to your physical condition at any time. You must consult a qualified medical professional if you have any questions concerning your medical condition or injury. This program and its exercises are for people in good physical state and who can exercise without damaging health, safety, comfort or physical condition. If you are in any doubt about your condition, we strongly urge you to seek expert advice before starting the challenge. To the maximum extent permitted by law your local facility, Belgravia Leisure excludes any liability for any injury, damage or loss of any kind whatsoever sustained by anyone arising from participating in these exercises. 

 Where your facility is concerned with the ability of a person to safely participate in the challenge it reserves the right to refuse to allow that person to participate without first gaining a medical certificate indicating the person's condition is suitable for the challenge. 


All information provided on the Be Active 6 -Week Challenge website by us or third parties is provided in good faith. We derive our information from sources which we believe to be accurate and up to date as at the date of publication. We may update any information at any time but you acknowledge that the information on the Be Active 6 -Week Challenge app/website may not be the most current knowledge. Consequently, to the maximum extent permitted by law Belgravia Leisure along with your local centre makes no representations or warranties that any information provided is reliable, accurate or complete and we make no guarantees of any specific result from use of this website or the information service provided through it. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Belgravia Leisure along with your local centre excludes any liability for any injury, damage or loss of any kind whatsoever sustained by anyone arising from reliance on any information or material available on the Be Active 6 -Week Challenge app/website. 


Nutritional information provided on the Be Active 6 -Week Challenge app/website and in handouts is taken from sources provided by third parties, including the nutritional content. Before relying on any nutritional information on the website, you should carefully evaluate the applicability, completeness and relevance of this information for your purposes, and consider the need to obtain appropriate expert advice relevant to your circumstances. If you have a particular health issue, please talk to your GP or appropriate specialist before beginning any diet or nutrition plan. Any such health issue must be disclosed in the application form. 


Persons with pre-existing medical conditions, in poor health, or with any concerns as to commencement of a new fitness regime should consult with an appropriate healthcare professional before beginning any of these programs. You are responsible to make your own inquiries and seek independent advice from a healthcare professional before acting. In particular, if you fall within one of the following classes of persons, then you should first consult a healthcare professional before following any exercise programs or using any of the information on the website: 

  • pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding or who are trying to conceive a child;
  • persons with any ongoing physical condition such as:
    • persons suffering from cancer or other long-term illness
    • persons with liver disease, kidney disease, or renal failure
    • persons with eating disorders
    • persons with diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol issues
    • elderly persons
    • persons recovering from or recently recovered from illness or injury
    • persons with a low body mass index 

Further, even if you do not fall into the aforementioned categories of persons, you acknowledge that the service that we provide on the Be Active 6 -Week Challenge app/website is an information service only, and that you are solely responsible for (at your own discretion) following (or not following) any exercise program or regime that we provide as part of the information service.

In accordance with comments above regarding seeking medical advice, a medical certificate may be required and participation in the challenge may be refused by your local training facility.